What business incentives does the Port Authority have available to assist all developers?

As a political subdivision of the State of Missouri the Port Authority is able to assist real estate developers and businesses with an array of tools including Tax Credits, Tax Abatements, Project Financing, Workforce Programs, Tax Redirection and Sales Tax Exemptions. A financing tool unique to the Port Authority is the Port Improvement District sales/use and/or property tax. For more information, see the Port Authority’s Incentives & Financing page.


What is the Port Authority’s relationship with the two casinos in Kansas City?

The Port Authority is charged with developing the riverfront of Kansas City, Missouri to promote the general welfare, to encourage capital investment and to increase the volume of commerce within the port district. Toward those goals the Port Authority entered into development agreements with the Ameristar and Isle of Capri Casinos and maintains ongoing relationships with them for the benefit of the citizens and visitors to Kansas City and Missouri.


Does the Port Authority have a scholarship fund?

The Port Authority, through development agreements with the Ameristar and Isle of Capri Casinos, has established a scholarship fund that will provide scholarships to Kansas City, Mo., residents who are pursuing higher education at accredited or certified colleges, universities and vocational / technical schools. Interested parties should contact aweber@gkccf.org.


Is the Port Authority an agency of the city of Kansas City, Mo., or the state of Missouri?

The Port Authority of Kansas City, Mo., was created as a public body corporate and politic according to Chapter 68 of the Revised Statutes of the State of Missouri with the powers granted to it by the City Council of Kansas City, Mo.

It is a political subdivision of the state of Missouri functioning in the role of a public interest developer for the benefit of Kansas City. The Port Authority’s Board of Commissioners is appointed by the mayor of Kansas City with the consent of the city council.


What is the Port Authority/Ameristar-Isle of Capri Economic Advancement Fund (PAAICF)?

The Port Authority, Ameristar Casino and Isle of Capri Casino established the fund to support the advancement of minorities and women in business by offering low interest loans, loan backing in the form of collateral, and grants. Special consideration will be given to business opportunities in federally approved Enhanced Enterprise Community areas in Kansas City. Interested parties should contact Patricia McDonald at 816-627-3431 for more information and applications.


Where is Richard L Berkley Riverfront Park located?

Richard L Berkley Riverfront Park is located directly north of the River Market and west of the Isle Capri Casino off from I-29 at Front Street. View on Google Maps.


Who do I contact for leasing information for Richards-Gebaur Commerce Park?

Please email the associate director of real estate and trade or call 816-559-3722.