Foreign Trade Zone

Greater Kansas City Foreign Trade Zone, Inc. (“GKCFTZ”) is a not-for-profit corporation registered in the State of Missouri (since 7/30/71). GKCFTZ applied and received a Grant of Authority from the U.S. Foreign Trade Zone’s Board in Washington, D.C. to establish, and operate Foreign Trade Zone 15 (Missouri). The GKCFTZ serves as “Grantee” for foreign trade zone status under the U.S Foreign Trade Zone Act of 1934, as amended.

The intent of the FTZ program is to stimulate economic growth in the United States. It was designed to promote American competitiveness by encouraging companies to maintain and expand their companies in the U.S.

The program encourages U.S. based operations by removing disincentives associated with manufacturing in the U.S. The duty on products manufactured abroad and imported into the US is assessed on the finished product rather than on its individual parts, materials and components.

The U.S. based manufacturer is at a disadvantage when compared with its foreign competitor when it must pay a higher rate on parts, materials and components imported for use in a manufacturing process. The FTZ program corrects this imbalance by treating products made in a zone for the purpose of tariff assessment, as if they were manufactured abroad.

Port KC works with the Kansas City Southern Railway and CenterPoint Properties to allow 1,567 acres to become a FTZ in Kansas City.

The Richards-Gebaur Commerce Park is located at 1540 Maxwell, Kansas City, Missouri. It has been converted to a rail/intermodal facility and business park by Kansas City Southern Railroad and Chicago-based CenterPoint Properties, LLC respectively.

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