Future Plans

Davis Grove

One of the unusual connections with the Missouri River can be found only steps from the base of the Town of Kansas Pedestrian Bridge. When ambling along the Riverfront Heritage Trail, one finds the entrance to Davis Grove marked by a gateway marker crafted from historical barge concrete weights.

In December of 2010, Port KC announced four winners of the Words to Weight Haiku and Nature Poetry Contest; the winners’ words will be permanently embedded in the historic weights:

the river at dawn
dark spots in the mist
suddenly ducks

Rain enough this spring
and the open field beyond
will jump in.

River knows the way
I passed this way just on a whim
In a moment of rare leisure
But in these words upon these stones
I found, instead, a treasure

These structures can be found in abundance at the Riverfront as they were left over from the days when barge traffic more aggressively plied the Missouri River.

Chestnut TreeThe inspiration for the Davis Grove project was spurred from the loss of a local urban champion and river district resident, Mr. Jim Davis. A longtime journalist for the Kansas City Business Journal and Kansas City Star, Davis covered development news throughout the metro without bias for many years. A memoriam to Davis is to include the planting of a Chestnut tree, within a landscaped picnic/lunching area overlooking the Missouri River. Views from the overlook seating area include the Missouri River and a planned art installation.